Campus Life 
  The BGS campus is alive with various co-curricular activities throughout the year. The educators and students    come together, work with each other and contribute to the various events. These events are much awaited         and  contribute an essential aspect to the curriculum.

Training Programmes

“Continuous Learning and Improvement makes the path easier” The students are the future leaders of any nation, The students needs to develop their own habits and values in order to increase their personal effectiveness. They need to redesign their lifestyle and learn new skills to develop themselves. This unique program sets a course of learning our path of victory.

BGS PU College pleased to announce our programme of events for the coming term, covering areas such as Hand Writing, Soft skills, Life skills, Personality Development Programmes, Leadership Skills. The sessions that we offer help students get ahead in their studies and develop key life skills.

Student Activities

Extracurricular classes are conducted in the college so that the student can nurture their inborn talent under the able guidance of professionals. At BGS PU College, a student has a plethora of activities to choose from. The extra-curricular classes provide further avenues to enable the students to enhance their artistic skills.

 Fresher's Day

Fresher's day is a platform where it weeds to out the differences between juniors and seniors each and every young mind has its own talent, the hidden talent can be easily expressed on that particular day. The day which creates a different world where in the absence of their teachers view their college life through the eyes of the seniors. A fresher can realize his independence, self-reliance and self-trust. A fresher can come out of Myths about college life. In reality he could feel and sense his presence on campus through fresher's day.

 Cultural Meet

Unity in diversity, the best example is India, where we could see various cultures, customs and rituals. Each and every culture has its own meaning but in the present scenario the word itself is disappearing in the wave of western culture particularly the Indian youth is forgetting the traditions laid and followed by his ancestors. There is a need to rejuvenate his memory by celebrating cultural day. In the Boom of Science and technology where we could see increasingly complex, challenging in the competitive world, we are struggling to find our roots, culture is the anchor through which we could express/ reveal our identity celebration of cultural day is the part of our curricular so that the young buds can be exposed to innumerable trends present in India. BGS PU College is one among to represent and to maintain the religious and talent representation.
Sports Meet

Adequate importance is given to sports and games and students are trained to participate in various competitions. We try to inculcate discipline, patience, team spirit, courage and confidence in our students through sports.

Industrial Visit
A progressive illiterate is better than a book worm, a knowledge without practical importance is of no use. The present lifestyle of the Management system is basically a practical experience is entirely different from method of teaching inside the class rooms, a student can redefine his learning with practical knowledge. A learner is like a stone after learning he will excel himself as a gem.
Graduation Day
The Graduation Ceremony is scheduled towards the end of the 2nd academic year at the BGS PU College, is another momentous occasion. Parents and guardians are invited to attend the graduation day. Students in this ceremony marks their transition from Pre-University to University level education. During the course of the ceremony, awards for the Best Outgoing Student & the Best Sports Achiever for the year will be distributed. For most of the parents and students the ceremony seemed to be an occasion to cherish for their lifetime.

Career Guidance

The Career Advisory cell helps students to become familiar with career opportunities by providing them with vital information on global competitiveness in the fast paced world, in order to make informed choices with regard to their career options BGS PU College is dedicated to advice students on career options and for providing the latest information on higher studies and employment vacancies.

There are informative sessions conducted by Academic experts to educate the children on future courses. Other services include free access to the Internet, resumewriting/screening, interview preparation and specialized career/ employment preparation workshops.

Career Guidance Activities
  1. Helping students to identify their areas of interest and aptitude.
  2. Providing updated information about various institutions, courses and careers.
  3. Giving sustained support in the admission process that includes collating and dispatching transcripts, writing out recommendation letters, predicted grades and school profiles and helping with the Personal statements to be submitted.
  4. Guiding students about application processes in India and abroad.