Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji (72nd Pontiff)

The successor of Natha Parampara along the lineage of Sri Bhaktanatha Mahaswamiji, Sri Chandrashekaranatha Mahaswamiji, Sri Ramanandanatha Mahaswamiji and Sri Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji with an historical tradition of 1800 years is the present illumined seer Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji, heading the Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana as its 72nd pontiff . He follows the footsteps outlined by his predecessor with awe and envisions for continuing the good works carried out by Math and expanding the same to benefit the global masses.

Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji an ardent follower of Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji hails from a Small village in Gubbi Taluk of Tumkur District. After his early schooling he joined Government. Polytechnic college, Tumkur and passed his Diploma with Distinction securing 7th Rank for the State. Later he passed his graduation in Civil Engineering from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore and did his M.Tech in Structural Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

Mahaswamiji unlike other youngsters had orientation towards spiritual and service activities rather than materialistic happenings. This attracted him to volunteer teaching at the blind school in Archakanahalli, Ramanagar district. He found serving these visually challenged children more smoothening than pursuing research at top Engineering institutions of the country. This makes it obvious of the humane and modest nature of the present seer. He also alike his Guru believes and enjoys in working for the Society, upliftment of the downtrodden and shares similar views to the former.

The Mahaswamiji took to ascetic renounced life in 1998 and underwent proper training in traditional knowledge systems. He has mastered the Devabhasha (divine language) of Sanskrit and has also learnt Advaitha School of philosophy propounded by Adiguru Sri Shankaracharya. His unquenched thirst for knowledge is evident from his attitude in conferences and functions wherein he enjoys listening to the discourses on Vedas and other shastras as a student rather than as a head of one of the glorious Math.

This young Mahaswamiji in line with his educational background and interest has taken up the most important task of revolutionalizing the math activities to be tech friendly. He has taken up the initiative of introducing computerized working environment in all the administrative affairs of the math.

The present Mahaswamiji before being chosen to succeed the Siddha Simhasana was appointed by the former Mahaswamiji to head the Shaka (branch) Math at Chikkaballapur. His selfless service and involvement in the activities of the math impacted on the Guru to adopt Sri Nirmalanandanatha Swamiji as his rightful heir and occupy the responsible post of heading Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamstana Math. A true leader is one who focuses on the collective progress rather than concentrating on individual gains. The present Mahaswamiji is immensely influenced by the preaching of Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and teachings of Swami Vivekananda. He in addition to advocating the Jnana and Karma path of Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji, fervently believes in integral development through adherence to Raja yoga, the path advocated by Swami Vivekananda. In pursuance of the same Mahaswamiji has convened the Foundation for Unity of Religious and enlightened Citizens (FUREC) and is actively associated with the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, confederation of Indian Spiritual movement activities. His writings reflect his revolutionary thoughts of converging all the divergent efforts of the Adichunchangiri Math towards reviving of Sanatana Hindu Dharma and secluding all the myths and superstitious beliefs in the Society which are misleading & diluting the energies of present generations. His Holiness is actively involved in counseling activities and guide the ones who have a strayed and beguiled from the righteous path. He is the ideal example for present day youth who try to mimic the shallow western culture disregarding our rich values, as a influence of modern education.

The Mahaswamiji is also very fond of literary works and writings of the well-known Jnana Peetha Awardee Rashtrakavi Kuvempu. His love for nature has resulted in the restoration of Flora and Fauna in all the organizations of the Math. The Swamiji envisages several plans for expanding the activities taken up by his Guru, enlisting a few below as:


  • Establishment of Medical colleges
  • Advocating bio-friendly energy systems
  • Introducing of Nano technology & research in this field
  • Research activities in Cancer treatment & Other R&D
  • Screening and treatment of cardiovascular ailments at low costs for poor patients
  • Conducting cardio vascular surgeries for Hereditary Cardiac ailments at low costs.
  • Expanding the establishment of educational institutions across the country.
  • R& D initiatives in indigenous systems of medicine
  • Preserving of medicinal herbs available at the Adichunchanagiri premises and cultivation of these plants under one roof- Ayurdhama.
  • Advocating organic farming techniques preserving the fertility of the soil.
  • Assisting marginal and semi marginal farmers by providing free tractors and bore wells.
  • Improving under water storage levels in rural areas especially in draught prone arid areas.
  • Talent search and preventing brain drain by creating ample opportunities for the youth to serve their mother country.
  • Establishing centre for Vedic and Ancient Culture
  • Setting up of an International centre for religious studies.
  • Women empowerment and educational activities
  • Promotion of Art, culture and spreading awareness of the Indian contributions to World Culture.
  • Establishing a Math/temple, deity for demolishing the unrighteous at New Jersey, USA premises.


Mahaswamiji is known for his simplicity and down to earth nature. Alike his Guru he also prefers to have a detached attachment approach towards life. That is he believes to perform his duties with utmost scrupulousness but without any expectation of the fruits of his labor. He believes that this kind of detachment requires much greater love, courage and invincible faith in the Almighty and the Guru. With all the royal robes and the golden coronet on his head and occupying the Siddha Simhasana, yet he is a selfless servant to his Guru and the devotees of the Math. This young Mahaswamiji alike his Guru, prefers to lead a simple and contented life away from all material desires, but the immense devotion exhibited by his Bhaktas sometimes forces him to satisfy their desires.

The former Mahaswamiji though physically separated from his disciple yet guards and guides him at every step. The young disciple who fosters a father-son relation with his Guru turns up to him on facing any situations of grave importance. He confides such miraculous instances of encountering his Guru in dreams even after his disappearance from the mortal world with his closest confidants.

Mahaswamiji strongly believes that India is a rich Nation with abundant resources. He aspires to extract and efficiently utilize these resources so as to contribute for the development of the Nation. Having a scientific background and mastery over traditional knowledge acts as an advantage to combine Technology and Philosophy to come out with a new outlook towards life which is progressive, far sighted, humane, realistic, long-lasting and practical. Under his enthusiastic leadership and dedicated service Spiritual foretellers and seekers predict the Mahasamasthana to reach greater magnificence and splendour.