Dear Parent/ Student, Rules and Regulations are framed, not to restrict students’ freedom, but to enable them to make best possible use of all the facilities, academic and culture, offered by the college.


General discipline is to be maintained during class hours, assemblies and activities. Campus property is to be respected.


Ragging is a cognizable offence and those who indulge in it or even encourage it will be handed over to the police, as per G.O. Ed 122 URC 96 dated 16.01.1997.


Smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco, chewing gum, or inhaling intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited inside the college and hostel premises.

Anyone found with or, using, selling, buying or under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs may be expelled with or without any warning served. Gambling is not at all permitted.


Dress code: The college prescribe a formal dress code; it expects all students to keep in mind basic norms of decency with regard to dress habits.

Uniform – Weekly 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

Boys – Uniform, In shirt, Shoes, ID Card mandatory.

Non Uniform Code: Formal Wear only: No Round Neck T-shirts, Hawaii Slippers, Ear rings, Hand bands and other indiscipline dress.

Hair style should be descent,

Girls – Uniform, ID card Mandatory. 

Non Uniform Code: –Formal wear only: should not wear jeans, T-Shirts and other indiscipline dress, No lipstick.

Both Boys and Girls: Extra Nails, Nail Designs, Tattoos are not entertained.


Use of cellular/mobile phones in the college campus is prohibited. If students are found using the same for any purpose in the campus, their cellular/mobile phones will be confiscated and will be dismissed from the institute.


Every student is required to wear his/her identity card to the college. The card should be shown to any members of the staff or college official whenever required.


No student is allowed to leave a lecture hall without the lecturer’s permission or until the class is dismissed. Unnecessary movements in the college and school premises will not be entertained.


LEAVE POLICY: Leave may be granted for genuine reasons only. A note justifying unforeseen leave, duly signed by the parent or guardian or warden must be produced before entering class. Medical Certificate is mandatory when a student is absent for more than 3 days due to illness. A student who is absent for 7 days at a stretch without informing the Principal of the reason of his/her absence is liable to have his/her name stuck of the rolls. Those below the required level of attendance will not be permitted for First year and Second year PUC examinations. A student who falls short of 85% attendance in any month will be required to meet the Principal with his/her parents. Students who have shortage of attendance will not be sent to the Final Examinations.


Student must cultivate the use of library. They are expected to spend their free time in the reading room referring book in the library section. 


No money shall be raised for any purpose whatsoever, or gifts made to staff members or others.


Campus must be kept clean at all times. Littering and defacing the walls or desks, damaging college property etc. are offence. Damaging or Destroying college property, private/public property In college campus would entail disciplinary action and would have to bear the cost of the repair or replacement.

Damaging or destroying property belonging to college staff whether on or off campus would invite disciplinary action.

Do not scribble on the walls of the college building, desks, and tables. Do not spit inside the building.


Boys and girls are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity in their inter-relationships; they must observe norms of decency and propriety. The students of the college must maintain high standard of behaviour both inside and outside the college.


The college takes note of serious misbehaviour, insubordination, habitual tardiness, irregular work habits, inattention in class, late coming and obscenity which are punishable by temporary or permanent dismissal. Minor offences are punishable by a fine or loss of attendance.


Parents / guardians are requested to cooperate with the members of the faculty and look upon the education of their children / wards as a joint endeavour. They shall supervise the daily studies of their children / wards at home and monitor their attendance at college. Marks of every test/exam will be either sent by SMS or through the parents in person in parents meeting. 


If a student is selected for the award of any scholarship/loan scholarship/free ship/free concession stays away from college examinations/tests, he will be liable to the forfeiture of such an aid.


Personal belongings, books, umbrellas should have a mark of identification of its owner. All lost or found property should be brought to the college office.


No excursions will be conducted by the college unless specifically required by the syllabus. In the latter case it will be conducted only after duly informing the parents. Unauthorised excursions organized by the students will attract disciplinary action against the participants.


The college is not responsible for the misconduct of the students outside the premises. However, it will take strict note of serious misconduct of the students that may cause damage to the college reputation. If found guilty, the misconduct shall be punishable according to the gravity of the offence.


Any political agitation directed against the authority of the Government will not be allowed. Participation in such activity or any other public movement without the permission of the college authorities will be considered illegal.


The students are advised not to come with costly ornaments, nor to bring money in excess to their requirements to-the campus. Maintain your seating arrangements in class rooms and labs.


The college fee should be paid in advance or before the scheduled dates, who don’t pay the fee will not be allowed for the classes or Examinations.              

I Instalment – 15th June  , II Instalment – 15th September     and III Instalment – 15th December.


College fee will not be refunded or adjusted. If student cancel the admission for any reason, they have to pay the full fee of the concerned academic year.


Should obey the words of Professors, lab instructors and office authorities. 

Eating chocolates, chewing gums, Ice creams and any other junk foods is prohibited inside the college building. 


The Institutional transport can be availed for the safety of the students at free of cost or nominal cost, own vehicle is not entertained, however if parent with a request can obtain the permission from Principal/ Dean.

Students who are having Driving Licence can park the vehicles in the college premises at own risk.


Except with the consent of the Principal obtained in the writing no student shall be a member of any club, association, society, union or other organizations not organised by the college. No student shall be a member of any political party whatsoever. No student shall participate in any campaign, demonstration, agitation, strike, hartal or satyagraha directed whether against the College, the Department or the Government. Any violation of this rule may lead to the erring student’s expulsion from the college.


Students should not hold any meeting or function


No student shall play in any team against the college. No student shall play in teams other than college team, except, with the consent of the Principal obtained in writing.


No student shall disrupt teachings, study, library and administrative work or prevent any member of the College and its staff from carrying out his/her works or do any act reasonably likely to cause disruption and prevention.


The students should not bring camera, tape-recorder. Walkman, alarm watch, mobile phone, CDs. Etc., to the campus without the permission of the principal.


Students attending special NCC or NSS camps or Co-curricular activities during working days should inform the Principal in advance to claim attendance later on this ground. Even here, a claim can be made only if it is supported by documentary evidence. A student cannot claim attendance based on flimsy reason(excursion, voluntary work etc…)


Malpractices of any kind in the examinations is an offence which would lead to immediate dismissal of the concerned student from the College.


Laboratory Rules: A student who does not submit the record of a practical class or who fails to attend a practical class without valid reason will not be allowed to the next practical class. Late submission does not entitle the student to do the missed practical at any later time. Students shall handle all equipment and material given to them for practical work with the greatest care. They shall pay for all damage and breakages caused by them, together with such penalty as may be imposed by the Principal, failing which hall ticket for the final exam will not be issued. They shall maintain strict silence in the laboratories during practical work. They are forbidden from entering the laboratories except with the permission of the lecturer in charge.


Any college property borrowed must be signed out and returned after the use. In case of loss or damage, the class/house/group/individual has to pay the cost of repair or replacement. During procuring Hall ticket or at the time of obtaining TC, NOC is mandatory from the concerned sections


Violence & carrying of any weapons inside the college is a serious offense.


Inflicting or trying to inflict injury or emotional stress to any student, teacher, and other college staff is an offence.


Students/Parents should not celebrate the birthdays of students or teachers. Celebration of events with cutting cake, Blasting colours, playing music, gifting     etc. are prohibited.


Attending programmes announced by college is mandatory


Except College official WhatsApp group, students should not create their own friends WhatsApp group. Students should not use college name in any social media.